Content Writing: My Worthy Faint Attempt

To feel joy while at work seldom happens to me. It’s something very very rare. I have a better definition for the word Job or Work or whatever synonymous. It’s when you are forced to do something you hate. That daily dose of crap you overdose yourself without getting high.  A useless drug. So, if you love your job. Please think that you are so lucky and that God loves you. I already left two jobs. Left. Awol. No formal resignation.

I love my job in past tense. Content Writing is one way of doing something productive during summer. That moment is when I took writing seriously. I only started writing a year ago. So that means that it was going to be a ground for brutal sharpenings. Seven 500-word(mininum) articles per day. And that includes spinning. #!@%^#!@&%@! It usually takes me 30 minutes to 1 hour to write an article and 1-2 hours to spin it. I never got across to that crazy mininum so I always have some unfinished businesses that pile up in my never-ending-to-write-list. Get a dose of that. And if I die working, I want it to be because of writing. No one ever died that way before. I can be the first.

It’s the first time I have to write something for a job and sell it. Long story short, I quit the job. A friend of mine was really happy about my writing but not until I told her how much I was earning. I was also thinking of quitting the Job and join my best friends working somewhere out there.

My friend, she told me “What the hell! Nik! Your articles are not just worth 80 php,” She said with angry eyes, “C’mon! Quit the Job!”

“Unfair kaayo na sa imong part!” She added.

And so I did.
Here’s an excerpt from that Summer Job:

Concrete Sealing and Cleaning: Bringing Your Concrete Floors to Life

Nothing in this world is immune to the aging and breakdown process. Even human bodies undergo wear and tear processes everyday. It’s inevitable. If the bodily processes go out of balance, we immediately get sick, get such unwanted diseases —from a normal fever or even to dreaded diseases such as cancer. That’s why people nowadays take a variety of vitamin supplements —vitamins from A to Z. They take these supplements because they want to prevent and avoid diseases. Of course, that’s a great idea isn’t it? Good thing we have ourselves to protect ourselves. We can seal ourselves from diseases. We can take vitamins, and do some exercises to make our bodies fit and slow down the wear and tear process. We have the capability to make ourselves last longer. But does your concrete floor have that kind of capability? Of course, no human being on his sane mind will answer yes. A concrete floor can’t do a concrete sealing or cleaning all alone by itself.

The prevention of wounds is better than the curing of scars. When we are experiencing extreme heat from the sunlight or excessive rainfall from the clouds, we can always seal ourselves using an umbrella or a coat. Or go to a place where we can hide for shelter from such weather conditions. Once again, concrete floors can’t do that. A concrete floor doesn’t have life, that’s why we are here to give some life. Now how can we give them life?

Before that, let’s do animate the concrete floors; treat them as if they are living. For years, they had been there in your house, wounded by the daily wear and tear weather. They must have already taken degrees of Celsius, a million footsteps, and a million drops of water from the sky. The phenomenon of breaking down is always happening. You can see evidences such as all those cracks, discolorations from some accidental spills or oxidation and really gross stains that already staying there for years. Concrete floors are easily stained because it easily absorbs some spills such as gas or oil. It feels so bad to have these concrete as your stepping grounds for you, for your vehicles, for your family, and for your visitors. Sometimes, you might feel some guilt of not taking care of your home’s stepping grounds, —the driveway, the walk-way, the patio and more.

Concrete sealing slows down the breakdown process of your floors —just like vitamins do. And also concrete cleaning —just like an exercise can do for you. The sealing makes your concrete easier to clean, and it also prevents it from being slippery, hence ensuring the safety of your daily walk around your house. It also makes your concrete and its beauty last longer and help retain its appearance. It will make its surface shine way brighter. Also, the concrete sealing will reduce the amount of stain absorption. You will definitely get mesmerized when you see how beautiful it looks after the sealing takes place, and how easy it is to have it cleaned and maintained.

A team of master sealers having the experience, expertise, and equipments can seal your concrete the right way and efficiently. They do concrete sealing and cleaning. They are your helping hand. Once again, treat these concrete as if they’re a living thing. Take good care of them. Your concretes are the first thing you, your family, and your visitors are going to step on when entering your home. It makes the crucial first or second impression. But it’s not really the impression that counts in the end; it is the life that you gave to that inanimate concrete floor —bringing them to life.

I feel proud of that work that I, myself, Nicolo, want(s) to keep this. For that moment of bliss, it’s enough for me to leave the job with that moment turned into a memory that has its special place in my Hippocampus. Sorry for the jargon, I did it on purpose though.

I like to finish this with words of wisdom coming from the mouth of Confucius. This might give you a transitory enlightening moment that will change your life forever. A satori.

“Choose a job that you love, and you’ll never have to work a single day in your life.”

Do you love your job?

Ask me that question.

And I’ll say “Hell no!”

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One Response to Content Writing: My Worthy Faint Attempt

  1. krysmartinez says:

    80php does not equal the skill of writing you got there.

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